Ringtone Not Playing when Phone Rings

After much time and headaches we discovered why some ringtones don’t play on devices with Android 10 when your phone ringtones. Android 10 only plays MP3 ringtones with high frequencies. Prior versions such as 9, 8 played all MP3 frequencies. According to Android 10 developer docs MP3 should play all frequencies within the required range.


We have tested which frequencies play on Android 10 and which do not. This a way around it but does not fix the Android 10 issue. Some ringtones may not play so we need your help to identify which ringtones are not playing so we can change the frequency to play on your version of Android.

Please fill out this form if any of the ringtones are not playing.

Examples (Samsung S9) (Pixel XL)
Example(Android 8, Android 9, Android 10)
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